Franklin Home Power added to Powur platform


As the 43rd fastest-growing private company in America (Inc. 5000) and the fastest-growing national residential solar company, Powur PBC is consistently expanding its platform by adding new technology and services, installers, and sellers to its platform. The latest addition is the Franklin Home Power (FHP) energy management system with AC-coupled storage from FranklinWH Energy Storage Inc.

“Including FranklinWH’s whole-home, cost-competitive battery backup solution on our platform means that Powur can provide additional customized clean energy solutions for people craving energy independence, especially as the grid is being stretched to its breaking point with extreme weather events,” stated Jonathan Budd, Founder and CEO of Powur.

The energy market is evolving at light speed. The Powur platform business model enables the company to quickly and easily add new technologies while limiting risk and cost. Powur, which already offers Enphase and SolarEdge batteries on its platform, “can quickly expand and scale up to integrate innovative solutions, from solar and batteries to EV chargers and other management solutions, to provide people with rapid access to smarter, cleaner energy,” Budd says.

The FHP from FranklinWH should be well known to regular readers of Solar Builder. It includes a proprietary battery, energy controls, and app. The solution provides 24/7 uninterrupted protection from grid failures, while also being easy to use for daily energy savings. FHP is universally compatible with any type of solar equipment, including both new and existing installations.

“Working with Powur’s large sales network allows us to quickly educate people on preparing their homes for power outages and emergencies, while implementing innovative software to help them save on energy costs,” said Gary Lam, Cofounder and GM, FranklinWH. “These partnerships allow us to continue our drive towards whole home energy freedom for our customers.”

FHP will be sold through Powur as a backup application, while also providing daily energy savings, such as time-of-use cost avoidance and maximizing solar energy usage.

Powur will first launch FHP in the California, Texas, Florida, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, North and South Carolina, and Puerto Rico markets and plans to expand availability nationwide in the future.

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