Clean Energy Associates adds Battery Energy Storage System Price Forecasting Report

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Technical due diligence and engineering services provider Clean Energy Associates is debuting a new report, the Battery Energy Storage System Price Forecasting Report, to equip energy storage buyers with much needed procurement insight, starting in May 2023.

The upcoming report complements the existing solar PV Price Forecasting Report and arrives at a critical time of growth in the energy storage industry. It will take a deep dive into today’s sprawling energy storage supply chain, which consists of dozens of critical minerals and supplier countries.

“Shifting policies mean new economic opportunities, along with new regulations to follow,” said Dan Shreve, Clean Energy Associates’ Vice President of Market Intelligence. “As interest and investment in energy storage continues to grow, so too does the need for information to understand the new market landscape. We believe this report will be a must-read for anyone looking to understand and have success in this complicated market.”

In a highly competitive energy storage environment, Shreve said the new BESS report will give clients an edge by distilling Clean Energy Associates’ subject matter expertise into a go-to guide, providing essential information to make energy storage procurement work.

The report will feature comprehensive pricing forecasts and detailed price breakdowns that touch on manufacturing, overhead and labor costs, providing a detailed picture of what’s driving costs. Cost trajectories of critical minerals and associated sensitivity analyses for larger downstream components will also be included.

New tax incentives in the U.S. and Europe aim to jumpstart domestic industries, but the battery supply chain will continue to span the globe. The report will detail the current global suppliers, mapping out the shifting supply and demand patterns that have changed the market in recent years. “Given the intricacies around labor costs and regulations in every country, accurate pricing hinges on understanding the full lifecycle from mining to manufacturing,” Shreve said.

Alongside the granular details, a general industry snapshot will provide a birds-eye view of where this fast-evolving industry stands today. The intent is to strike a balance between the fine details and broad picture critical to success in any role, from direct offtakers to industry analysts.

As Shreve puts it, “The complexity and thin margins for error in the energy storage industry means every advantage helps. Our new BESS Price Forecasting Report will make industry expertise accessible to help buyers stay on top of all the moving parts.”

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