sonnen’s new residential storage unit offered at 40 percent lower price

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We’ve had our eye on sonnen since it finally jumped into the U.S. residential market last year. The company’s latest announcement, just in time for Intersolar, is a new energy storage at a significantly reduced price: up to 40 percent the cost of its other products.

The sonnenBatterie eco compact is designed to increase grid-tied solar consumption in an all-in-one residential solar battery solution. Using sonnen’s proven self-learning software, the eco compact provides various grid-tied functions – increasing household solar self-consumption, managing time-of-use and supporting grid services, not including backup power. sonnen’s fully integrated 4 kWh eco compact system retails for $5,950 without installation for a fully integrated system including the inverter, the durable battery modules with a 10,000 cycle lifetime, the smart energy manager and the measurement technology. The modular design allows the product to be easily expanded in 4kWh increments up to 16 kilowatt hours in a single compact unit.

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“We’ve seen increasing demand from our installation partners for a lower cost energy storage product that enables homeowners to use more of the power generated by rooftop solar systems,” says Boris von Bormann, CEO of sonnen, Inc. “With the sonnenBatterie eco compact we are providing a simple, cost-effective version of our proven energy management technology that enables more solar-powered homeowners to supply up to 100 percent of their own power needs. As a result we expect to see a dramatic increase in the installation of storage across the country.”

The grid-tied eco compact is key to enabling solar powered homes to store excess solar for use later in the day – increasing the daily consumption of self-generated renewable energy at a much lower cost. By adding a sonnenBatterie eco compact to new or existing photovoltaic systems, residential customers are expected to see a greater return on their solar investment by expanding the use of solar energy throughout the day, including peak time-of-use reduction. In several markets the eco compact provides an economic benefit to the end of net-metering in states like Arizona and Nevada and enables customers to comply with self-supply programs in states like Hawaii by generating and storing up to 100% of their own power.

sonnen’s existing products are currently installed in over 12,000 households globally and include the currently available sonnenBatterie eco protect, a robust residential smart energy management system that provides backup power, off-grid, solar self-consumption and time-of-use for smart homes. The sonnenBatterie pro is sonnen’s commercial and industrial product that provides peak shaving and demand response capabilities and is available in Q4 2016.

The sonnenBatterie eco compact is available for pre-order today and products will ship by the end of Q4 2016.

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