NEC Energy Solutions launching a distributed energy storage solution with Ideal Power conversion system

NEC Energy Solutions selected Ideal Power to supply its power conversion systems for select configurations of NEC’s newly launched DSS distributed energy storage solution. This new distributed energy storage platform targets commercial & industrial customers and includes lithium-ion batteries, advanced software controls and Ideal Power’s power conversion systems. The DSS is engineered as a modular, scalable system that will be offered by NEC in an easy-to-use package for solar installers, energy services companies and other parties seeking affordable battery systems that don’t require design and engineering expertise to put to use.

Ideal Power logo“We recognized the need for scalable, robust, and flexible energy storage solutions at the grid edge that don’t have to be engineered for each specific use case,” said Roger Lin, Senior Director of Product Marketing at NEC Energy Solutions. “Ideal Power’s 30-kW systems were a great fit for the DSS energy storage platform because they provide the performance and features we required at a cost that keeps our overall system extremely competitive.”

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“NEC is a pioneer in the energy storage business with over 120 MW of its utility-scale GSS Grid Storage Solution deployed in commercial revenue service since 2009. With their new DSS distributed storage solution, NEC created a flexible, turnkey energy storage system for businesses in need of a bankable, proven solution from a leading global energy company,” said Dan Brdar, CEO of Ideal Power. “The compact size, features, and lifecycle cost-effectiveness of our power conversion technology plays a key role in enabling NEC to offer a modular, scalable system at a price point that will be highly competitive in the marketplace.”

Ideal Power’s power conversion systems are based on its patented Power Packet Switching Architecture, a revolutionary approach to power conversion that uses 100% indirect power flow to deliver a bi-directional, fully isolated conversion while eliminating a majority of the bulky passive components, such as the separate isolation transformer and bulk capacitors, that are used in traditional power conversion systems. Ideal Power’s technology is an excellent fit for NEC’s pre-configured, outdoor-rated DSS systems that give end users application and size flexibility.

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