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Product of the Week: SMA Sunny Tripower X

SMA Sunny Tripower X

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The Sunny Tripower X is the latest in commercial solar energy generation and the new centerpiece of the proven SMA Energy System Business. As a comprehensive solution, the integrated System Manager enables complete energy management from one platform while combining state-of-the-art technology into one device. This comprehensive design ensures small to medium-sized businesses can accommodate future energy management and needs.   

SMA Sunny Tripower X key features:

  • High flexibility in system design with 3 MPP trackers  
  • Easier installation with an overall lighter weight and wall-or-rack mount 
  • Flexible and scalable system sizing: 30 kW, 25 kW & 20 kW  
  • Integrated System Manager allows monitoring and control of up to 5 inverters (with up to 150 kVA) and 1 energy meter   
  • SMA ShadeFix offers next level performance optimization 
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