Fluke SMFT-1000: A single tool that simplifies PV installation, commissioning and maintenance

Fluke SMFT-1000

The Fluke Solar Multifunction Tester 1000 (SMFT-1000) is Fluke’s latest test solution to verify PV system performance and safety. Designed for PV professionals that provide installation, commissioning, and maintenance services to systems that operate up to 1000 VDC, the SMFT-1000 provides increased productivity and an exceptional user experience.

The SMFT-1000 is the first Fluke solar tool to offer 1000 volt I-V curve tracing capabilities, allowing users to service larger PV systems and centralize results across tools. The SMFT-1000 also measures resistance, polarity, voltage and current, insulation resistance, DC/AC power, inverter efficiency, and diodes. Users can easily collect, analyze, and report measurement data through the instrument’s integration with Fluke TruTest™ solar software.

Fluke Solar tools are designed specifically with solar professionals in mind and offer the wide suite of functionality needed to support PV installation, inspection, and maintenance. Field tested to withstand drops, harsh environments, and prolonged use, Fluke Solar tools are extremely durable and offer accurate measurements for years to come without sacrificing quality or safety.

Where to buy: https://solar.fluke.com/products

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