Soltec constructs first Solarfighter PV plant ‘kit’ in Murcia

Soltec Solarfighter PV plant in Murcia

Earlier this month, Soltec announced the construction of its first Solarfighter PV distributed generation plant, located in Los Martínez del Puerto (Region of Murcia) with a capacity of 5 MW. The plant covers an extension of about 9 hectares to be comprised of 174 SF7 solar trackers and around 10,440 modules. Project proceedings were managed by the Investment Acceleration Unit of the Regional Development Agency of Murcia (INFO).

What is Solarfighter? Solarfighter, launched onto the marketplace on March 2021, is the first complete kit comprising both the product and a comprehensive service for commissioning of PV distributed generation projects of up to 12 MW. The kit features SF7 solar trackers and PV modules in addition to including all equipment needed for installation, maintenance, terrain adaptability and resistance to adverse weather conditions. With an output of 5% higher than traditional trackers and enhanced terrain adaptability, SF7 is an exceptional tracking system.

As well as the installation and maintenance of solar plants, Solarfighter also provides customer service and product warranty directly from Soltec. In addition to offering quick supply services in every country where its products are sold, Soltec offers specialized services.  

“For Soltec, this plant is a major step towards entering the distributed generation market. We believe that, together with large solar power plants, distributed generation will play a key role in the future of renewable energies and in the transition to cleaner power sources. Both the Spanish Government and the European Union support this type of photovoltaic power generation initiatives with the aim to complement other power sources. Soltec’s commitment to this distributed generation plant marks an important business development milestone for our company in this field” said Raul Morales, CEO at Soltec Power Holdings

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