Palmetto wants to help launch your solar installation business (apply now)

Palmetto is launching a 12-month incubator-style program to help aspiring clean energy entrepreneurs get their own solar installation businesses off the ground. This Build+ Program is open to solar and electrical professionals with a minimum of five years of solar installation experience. Applications are now being accepted in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Texas, and must be submitted by 11 p.m. ET on Sept .10, 2021, to be considered for the inaugural 2021 program.

“For the U.S. to meet its stated clean electricity goals by 2035, it will take close to one million trained solar workers in this country,” stated Chris Kemper, Palmetto Chairman, Founder and Chief Executive Officer. “The Build+ Program is Palmetto’s contribution to helping achieve this critical national objective and to securing a more robust U.S. clean energy sector.  We are aiming to enable entrepreneurs by mitigating startup cost pressures, improving operational integration and reducing fulfillment risk. Palmetto can help aspiring solar entrepreneurs, while expanding our own supply base and enhancing industry quality.”

Build+ addresses the major challenges for solar entrepreneurship, which include: capital investment requirements, managing unique cash flow issues, achieving licensing, securing insurance, forming an entity/business, overseeing payroll and accounting, recruiting, marketing, adhering to compliance/legal concerns, and procuring tools and equipment. Program graduates will be eligible for partner financing, cash flow incentives, install ready jobs and customer referrals to help ensure business success.  

Kemper continued, “In order to fast track the adoption of clean energy, it’s necessary to fast track the creation of human infrastructure – the hundreds of thousands of qualified professionals who will quite literally build our clean energy future.”  

More on Palmetto: Palmetto’s proprietary technology, marketplace business model, and consumer mobile application are all designed to simplify and democratize access to clean energy; making it easier and more affordable to make the switch. Palmetto’s system helps homeowners quickly estimate electricity cost savings by switching to solar, and work with a team of local solar experts to design and install a system that matches their needs. Palmetto Protect ensures these homeowners receive comprehensive, long-term monitoring and robust customer support.

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