Yingli’s PANDA Bifacial modules receive China General Certification

yingli solarYingli Green Energy Holding Co. says its PANDA Bifacial module has received China General Certification Centre’s Top Runner Program certification, which was the first Top Runner Program certification to module that can generate power by both the front and rear sides in China. The PANDA Bifacial module has been installed on a 50MW Top Runner project in Datong, Shanxi province.

Tell me more about the PANDA

The PANDA Bifacial module is comprised of two layers of 2.5-mm-thick tempered glass, which replace the conventional back sheet and glass structure. Specifically, PANDA Bifacial module integrates technology from Yingli’s PANDA n-type monocrystalline solar cells, which can generate power not only from the front side, but also from the rear side by leveraging reflected light in the environment. Therefore, the power yields of the PANDA Bifacial module can be increased by up to 30% compare to the situation when it only generates from the front side.

The PANDA Bifacial module possesses strong durability and resistance to PID (Potential Induced Degradation) and is able to perform well under various harsh environments such as exposure to high temperature and humidity, salt mist and sand. With a maximum system voltage of 1500 Volts (V), PANDA Bifacial module can improve system performance and help to reduce the balance-of-system costs by up to 25%.

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