Webinar: How to Value High Efficiency Solar Panels in Residential Applications


High-efficiency solar installation photo, courtesy of Solaria and Solar Rising of Massachusetts.

Solar Builder is teaming with ARPA-E to detail academic research into the value of high-efficiency solar panels in residential applications. The findings will be in an article in our Q1 print issue (subscribe here), but the researchers will also be explaining their findings (and taking questions) in a Solar Builder webinar on Thurs. Jan. 23. Head here to sign up for free or continue reading to learn a bit more about the webinar. The webinar is sponsored by ARPA-E.

Understand the variance in solar panel performance

For residential solar power systems, deploying high-efficiency panels can result in one or more of the following beneficial outcomes for residential solar installers:

1) an increase in the average system size
2) an increase in total MW installed
3) more sales and/or reduced customer acquisition costs
4) higher per system sales
5) higher percentage offset of energy usage by PV for customers
6) depending on the price of the high efficiency panels, a reduction in installed cost per Watt

Webinar takeaways

Webinar attendees will come away from this meeting with a better understanding of how to optimize the use of high-efficiency panels with new insights in the following four areas:

  • How to create techno-economic models of a residential solar power system and how to use these models to understand how the system installed cost per Watt is impacted by system size and solar panel efficiency.
  • How high-efficiency panels could influence installed cost and value for residential solar power systems that are “usage-constrained” vs “area-constrained” (and what those terms mean).
  • How electrification of traditionally fossil fuel energy sources (i.e., electric vehicles and heat pumps for space and water heating) could impact the value of high-efficiency solar panels for residential solar systems.
  • Understanding the “state-of-the-art” for currently available high-efficiency solar panels and solar technologies being developed that could lead to even higher performance.

Head here to sign up for free.

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