...Nearly 1 MW solar canopy project in South Carolina completed in 28 days by Hannah Solar, Quest Renewables | Solar Builder

Nearly 1 MW solar canopy project in South Carolina completed in 28 days by Hannah Solar, Quest Renewables

1 QuadPod double cantilever truss during construction at AVX

QuadPod double cantilever truss during construction at AVX. Photo credit: Wyatt Roscoe, @wyattoming

Quest Renewables completed a 907-kW solar system in partnership with Hannah Solar for AVX Corp. in Fountain Inn, S.C. in just 28 days. The system features 10 QuadPod double cantilever canopies designed and engineered by Hannah Solar and Quest Renewables and contains 2,730 bi-facial modules from Trina Solar.

Each double cantilever in the system is supported on just 3 foundations and produces 90.7 kW per canopy. The power generated by the system will be used to offset energy used by AVX Corporation at their manufacturing facility.

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Construction details

Hannah Solar completed the truss construction and erection of the QuadPod solar system.  The construction supervisor conveyed that each 273 panel truss was constructed and panelized in 100 labor hours. Dividing the labor force into three specialized teams – steel construction, panelization, and electrical – contributed to the speed and safety of the construction as each team became experts in their function.

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After the on-the-ground assembly, panel placement, inverter mounting, wiring and lighting, the canopy units were lifted by crane for final attachment, minimizing overhead work and optimizing worksite safety. Because 90 percent of QuadPod’s construction takes place on the ground, construction with QuadPod canopies is three times faster than traditional carport systems.

Pete Marte, CEO of Hannah Solar, said of the project, “[This is] the largest system [Quest has] done and one of the largest carports we’ve done as well. It is just so beautiful with the Trina glass-on-glass panels, clear backsheet, and the light comes through. It’s just a really, really good-looking installation. We couldn’t be happier with the product and we’re really pleased to have worked with Quest and AVX on this beautiful project.”

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