EnergyLink to install solar at the Robertsdale Water Tank and Pump Station in Aurora, Colo.

With oversight from NORESCO, Aurora Water designated EnergyLink as the sole design-build contractor for a solar project at the Robertsdale Water Tank and Pump Station. With EnergyLink’s help, a 469.04 kW solar array will be built atop the underground concrete water tank, making good use of what would otherwise be empty, unusable space. The ground mount array will be leveraged to supply clean, renewable power to residents and strengthen the resilience of Aurora’s electrical grid.

EnergyLink will provide operations and maintenance to continually keep the array in proper shape. The installation is both a unique and impressive feat to be built on top of a water tank combined with a performance contract to guarantee strong solar production performance over time. “I’ve never seen a project like this before,” remarked Caelan Gander, EnergyLink’s lead on the project. “You just don’t see solar panels built on top of a water tank every day.”

With construction on the project set to begin, Gander believes this project can serve as a useful case study for other cities in Colorado and across the United States. “Most cities have water tanks, and many are making an effort to be more sustainable. Why not make use of that space for the better of your community? It makes perfect sense.”

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