Utopus Insights just released 5 tools for monitoring, analyzing your solar portfolio

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Utopus Insights, an energy analytics software company, announces the release of five powerful software tools for renewable generation producers, operators, OEMs, T&D utilities, ISOs/RTOs and other energy companies to solve their toughest analytics challenges with accurate, timely information at a low cost. The Utopus Insights product families are modular, integrated and offered as a hybrid on-premises/SaaS IoT solution.

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MaestrOS platform—A one-stop, data-curation and integrated app powerhouse.

MaestrOS provides out-of-the-box integration with siloed, distributed and real-time data into a curated data model. It links unmatched data curation capabilities with a CIM-compliant common data model, integrates Utopus Insights’ hyper-local weather forecasting service and supports the company’s product families. It includes state-of-the-art authentication and data security, and features published, public and secured APIs and intuitive visualization to work in harmony with a customer’s existing enterprise systems and to leverage their team’s expertise.

Xplore for Wind/Solar—See how all assets are performing in real-time on a single dashboard.

Xplore is a family of applications that delivers precise situational awareness by providing historical and real-time insights into solar and wind asset performance across an entire asset fleet – no matter the location, size or OEM of the assets. It provides intuitive visualizations that you can configure to suit operational performance metrics with personalized, instant alerts through a patented, innovative performance-modeling capability. Xplore seamlessly scales up to an entire fleet, drills down to a single asset or reviews at any operational level in-between to assess operational performance.

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Pulse for Wind/Solar—Determine what’s going to break or fail before it breaks or fails.

Pulse is a one-stop predictive maintenance application suite that enables you to identify, prioritize and preempt critical wind/solar component failure across a customer’s entire enterprise. Pulse goes beyond time- or condition-based maintenance analytics and uses patented algorithms to deliver risk-based insights into remaining component life for over 20 asset classes including inverters, transformers, generators, bearings and other mechanical/electrical equipment. It helps improve asset performance, system reliability and target capital investment to provide the greatest value.

HyperCast for Wind/Solar—Reliable renewable energy delivery in an unreliable climate.

HyperCast is a forecasting tool family that uses unsupervised, advanced machine learning on real-time wind and solar farm measurement data. It delivers a 72-hour advance forecast, updated every 10 minutes, for both available and active power generation with best-in-class MAE (Mean Absolute Error) results. HyperCast enables power quality improvement, congestion reduction and reduced downtime by syncing maintenance work to low-production days with up to a 14-day lead time. HyperCast enables customers to leverage market imbalances, sharpen day-ahead and intra-day bid strategies, and quickly identify and resolve asset production anomalies. These results are driven by hyper-local and energy-specific weather service (Nostradamus), that delivers 10-minute interval weather predictions up to 96 hours in advance at each solar farm location and each wind turbine location and hub height.

Nostradamus—Get a precise weather-wise peek into the future.

This is the hyper-local weather forecasting service. Nostradamus forecasts enable more informed decisions on where to preposition response assets, more accurate information to be shared with customers, communities and other key stakeholders, and ultimately reduce service restoration time. It runs a physics-based dynamic model on an HPCC (High-Performance Computing Cluster) to generate forecasts up to 96 hours in advance, at a 10-minute temporal resolution with an industry-leading level of precision down to 1 km². The tool can be quickly linked to a customer’s GIS-mapped assets, and can be made available as a SaaS within five business days.

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