SimpliPhi discounts wall-mountable battery and emergency power kits in October


Customer-sited battery storage can provide critical backup power in the face of growing threats to the centralized grid. That is why SimpliPhi is committed to Energizing America, a campaign designed to raise awareness and equip home and business owners with critical battery backup as extreme weather continues to cause widespread power outages across the U.S.

Discounts are also part of the campaign. SimpliPhi Power – now part of Briggs and Stratton – is providing reduced pricing on wall-mountable PHI 3.8 kWh Battery, Big Genny Emergency Power Kit, and Little Genny Power Kit through Oct. 31.

“Utilities are failing to deliver on their promise to provide reliable and affordable access to power,” stated Catherine Von Burg, CEO of SimpliPhi Power. “Centralized generation, transmission and distribution infrastructure is antiquated and inadequate, failing to meet the escalating demand on the grid with electrification and EV charging, even in the best of times – pre-hurricane season.”

SimpliPhi has been deploying energy storage and management systems globally since its founding in 2010. With a proven track record of performance for over a decade, the company has solved problems around resilience and access to energy in some of the harshest environments and most challenging use cases globally, spanning territories in over 45 countries.

SimpliPhi’s products provide a safer alternative to typical cobalt-based lithium-ion batteries that are prone to thermal runaway and fires. The company only uses lithium iron phosphate (LFP) chemistry, which does not contain cobalt or pose a risk to customers needing emergency backup power.

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