SimpliPhi to demo ‘hazards of cobalt chemistry’ in storage solutions at SPI

SimpliPhil Power

Launching their long standing energy storage battery technology into the light-commercial and residential markets, SimpliPhi Power, is collaborating with Schneider Electric, ZeroBase Energy, Lotus Energy at Solar Power International to demonstrate the benefits of eliminating hazardous cobalt chemistry in Lithium-ion energy storage and management solutions. Founded in 2002 (and formerly known as Optimized Energy Storage), the SimpliPhi Power battery technology utilizes lithium ferrous phosphate with proprietary architecture and power electronics to deliver energy storage solutions that are non-toxic, lightweight and do not require costly and bulky heat mitigation.

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Visitors to SPI can visit SimpliPhi at Booth #7505 at the Solar Home or attend the free workshop, ‘SimpliPhi Power Storage On/Off Grid Optimization: Commercial, Residential & Remote.’ Attendees will learn about real world applications of SimpliPhi technology at Los Angeles Department of Water and Power and the U.S. Army and Marine Corps, among others.

SimpliPhil Power energy storage“Whether for residential, commercial, emergency, military or entertainment markets, our customers use SimpliPhi’s safe and reliable energy storage solutions for power security and resilience on or off the grid, as well as for peak shaving,” said Catherine Von Burg, CEO of SimpliPhi Power. “Our products do not generate heat or require ventilation or cooling and do not pose the risk of thermal runaway characteristic of lithium cobalt-based batteries, and this creates significant efficiencies and savings for any given installation.”

“Integrated solutions for homes and businesses that increase optimization, efficiency and savings are the future of a variety of markets, from energy generation to new construction and smart home technology,” said Doug Wicks, product manager for off-grid systems and battery-based inverters at Schneider Electric. “We have been very impressed with SimpliPhi products’ ability to be able to replace lead acid batteries directly with much higher performance as well as having no need for ventilation or cooling. These and other technology innovations, such as their modulatory, make for a remarkable energy storage solution.”


The SimpliPhi Power technology has been serving the film and entertainment industry since 2002, with fully grid-integrated and grid-independent systems being installed since 2010. SimpliPhi Power storage solutions eliminate heat mitigation requirements and offer a 98 percent efficiency charge and discharge rate. SimpliPhi technology utilizes patented, licensed lithium ferrous phosphate cells with state-of-the-art proprietary management boards, circuitry, cell architecture and methods of assembly to create safe, intelligent and energy dense storage and management systems. In addition to offering seamless integration with all industry standard inverter charge controllers, SimpliPhi Power solutions are modular and scalable with a lightweight form factor – all backed by a 10-year warranty.

To learn more about SimpliPhi in military, commercial and residential installations, register for the ‘SimpliPhi Power Storage On/Off Grid Optimization: Commercial, Residential & Remote’ workshop.

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