Humless’ Universal AC/DC hybrid solar + storage system earns UL 9540 certification

Humless Universal

The newly redesigned Universal 6-kW system from Humless has achieved UL 9540 certification, a vital designation for hybrid inverter systems for energy storage. Humless has been a pioneer in offering AC/DC coupling within a single management system. The Universal 6-kW system includes the Humless AC/DC coupled, UL-listed hybrid inverter in combination with the Humless 5 kWh Lithium-Iron Phosphate batteries (rackmount or flat wall mount).

The redesign results in some major cost savings opportunities. Yes, the Humless inverter may be installed as a solar inverter with the option of adding batteries later. Outdoor IP65 rated waterproof batteries are available.

Before the Inflation Reduction Act, installation of solar panels had to accompany energy storage to receive storage tax credit. Now, new home energy storage systems qualify for up to 30 percent tax credit as a standalone service. This change allows homeowners to approach energy independence in a tiered approach. They can install the Humless Universal energy storage system [inverter plus batteries] now and add solar panels later—or visa versa. Both qualify for the extended credit.

Lithium-Iron Phosphate (LiFEPO4) technology integrated in all Humless batteries requires less energy in mining and processing, and “has a longer life without the memory problems troubling lead-acid batteries,” the company says.

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