EdgeEnergy debuts rapid single-phase EV charging station

EdgeEnergy EV charger

EdgeEnergy, a subsidiary of Single Phase Power Solutions, debuted the EdgeEV70 single phase power source for Direct Current Fast Chargers. Ideal for remote areas or those without access to three-phase power, the EdgeEV70 operates from readily available single-phase utility service to produce clean, stable, isolated, three-phase output for rapid EV charging stations. 

Specs: Power output of 480V AC, three-phase, 70 kW is ideally suited for rapid chargers up to 70 kW.  Each power source has an efficiency of 89%, is 100% electrically isolated, with 0 harmonies to comply with IEEE 519 requirements, and has a 1.0 power factor rating at full load.  The power source is housed in a weather tight enclosure with an integrated temperature control system.  Remote system monitoring, diagnostic, proactive maintenance is standard, allowing the EdgeEV70 to be used in remote areas where three-phase power is not available or cost-prohibitive to install.  Rapid EV charging is desired in locations such as state and national parks, recreational areas, tourist locations, and more, to alleviate the range anxiety of EV owners, support local economies, and encourage EV adoption.

The EdgeEV70 incorporates the proven technology of the 1-to-3 Power Source manufactured by EdgeEnergy’s parent company Single Phase Power Solutions. Built with rural applications in mind, the SPPS 1-to-3 rides through momentary power loss and can accommodate voltage fluctuation in single-phase lines while delivering solid three-phase power. The integration of the SPPS 1-to-3 in the EdgeEV70 provides clean, reliable, three-phase power to EV charging stations and, supports efforts to extend charging networks to remote areas like national parks, rural cottages and resorts and other attractions that until now have not been accessible due to the lack of three-phase power availability and limitations of direct current rapid charging stations.

EdgeEnergy says its new charging station technology is “ideal for remote areas without access to three-phase power. The charging station uses revolutionary, patented technology to generate solid and reliable three-phase, 480-volt output for the DC Fast-Charger from existing single-phase infrastructure. This allows EV charging stations to be installed across a variety of rural locations where three-phase power is unavailable or cost-prohibitive to install,” said Ben Morris, Director of Sales and Marketing of EdgeEnergy.

Much of the United States does not have adequate access to three-phase power, and extending that service is expensive (approximately $100,000 per mile). The EdgeEV70™ is a single-phase solution for EV charging stations, providing the clean, stable, three-phase power that rapid chargers need to quickly replenish an electric vehicle’s battery. EdgeEnergy worked with Roanoke Electric Cooperative in North Carolina on field testing of the power source earlier this year and is now accepting pre-orders and will begin delivering units across the U.S. and Canada this fall.

“The charging station doesn’t know the difference between the three-phase output of the EdgeEV70 and a traditional three-phase connection,” said Greg York, Vice President of Engineering and Supply Chain at EdgeEnergy. “We are very excited to move on to the installation of additional units in the coming weeks.”

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