EcoFasten: Complete Solar Mounting Systems & Attachment Solutions

EcoFasten has been offering innovative & cost-effective solutions since 2007. We strive for excellence in everything we do! We are committed to giving our customers the best possible brand experience in all aspects of our business; from developing products that install fast & easily, to providing quick & direct delivery, and offering exceptional service & support.


We offer a robust product portfolio of rail-less and rail-based solar racking & mounting systems, as well as watertight solar roof attachments. We have designed a solution for every type of roof and our products are tailored to meet the needs of installers.

Our industry-leading racking solutions can be installed on a variety of roof types, including composition shingle, tile, concrete, and metal. Each of our systems is patented and conforms to UL 2703. Designed for installers, by installers, these complete systems are faster & easier to install than other mounting systems on the market.

In addition, we offer watertight attachments for every type of roof. Our wide variety of innovative solar roof mounts, flashings, and interchangeable compression brackets give installers maximum versatility for quick, easy solar installations.

Because the average rooftop solar installation requires penetrating the roof upwards of 30 times, one of EcoFasten’s founding principles was to design mounts that protect the roof from water intrusion for the life of the solar array. Many of our solutions employ our patented Four-Seal watertight technology, sealing the penetration at four levels. That’s the EcoFasten difference.

FOR INSTALLERS. BY INSTALLERS. Our founder began his career on the roof, and to this day we have continued to operate and develop our products hand in hand with installers. Our products are tailored to meet the needs of all installers. At EcoFasten we are focused on creating products that install quickly and efficiently while providing fast delivery and to provide outstanding customer service. 


Rockit system

The RockIt System and the more recently launched RibFit are complete rail-less solar racking solutions that were designed with the installer in mind.

The RockIt System is the industry’s premier rail-less PV racking system available in configurations for composition shingle, tile, and corrugated metal roof applications. Designed in conjunction with the needs of installers, RockIt quickly and easily installs with a single tool and features our patented, four-seal watertight technology.

RockIt System provides a streamlined installation, fully integrated bonding, and North-South adjustability.

With a convenient, easy-to-position alignment slide and a top-down leveling system, RockIt is logistically intelligent, with no need to ship or transport long rails.

Components are available in a black finish which is ideal for both commercial and residential applications. RockIt conforms to UL 2703.



RibFit is a rail-less mounting system that conforms to UL 2703 & UL441 and is designed for direct attachment on metal roofs. The RibFit system consists of an aluminum slide that is directly attached to the ridge. Minimal components and integrated bonding pins reduce installation times compared to rail-based systems. RibFit is compatible with most R-panel and trapezoidal metal roof panels with a ridge width of ¾” or greater and 26-gauge or thicker.


Simple Block

SimpleBlock-PV conforms to UL 2703 and is the innovative rail-less racking system that utilizes EcoFasten end spacers and integrated bonding mid-clamps. For use as a clamp-to-seam solar attachment on metal standing seam roofs, the block (clamp) employs pre-installed oval-point set screws that do not penetrate the roof.



ClickFit conforms to UL 2703 and is one of the fastest-installing rail-based systems in the industry. Thanks to its Click-In Rail assembly, the rails can be connected to any of EcoFasten’s composition shingle, tile, and standing seam metal roof mounts in seconds without the need for fasteners or tools. The ClickFit system is made of robust materials, such as aluminum and coated steel, to ensure corrosion resistance and longevity. ClickFit has been tested in extreme weather conditions including wind, fire, and snow.


EcoFasten also offers many solar roof attachment solutions as well as electrical balance of system (eBoS) components and accessories. Because solar applications differ from roof type to roof type, our full line of attachment solutions has you covered. From the industry-favorite, GF-1 for composition shingle roofing, to our Tile Mounting System for flat, S, and W-shaped tile roof profiles, our watertight solar roof mounts and attachments are proven, tested, and relied on by solar installers for successful solar installations.

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