Solar installer Ipsun Sunvoy made its fleet monitoring dashboard available for any installer to use

Sunvoy monitoring map

In addition to installing solar PV systems, Ipsun Sunvoy does an excellent job of designing its own productivity tools in house. You may remember the Sunvoy 3G Sunset tool, which Sunvoy then made widely available to help installers deal with the 3G shutdown issue, for example. Well, during RE+, the Virginia-based solar installer released another free tool to help solar installers monitor business growth and fleet production through access to their entire fleet’s data.

Installers can now use Sunvoy’s free Dashboard to view their company’s growth year over year, lifetime environmental and energy produced stats, and see their systems on a location-enabled map.

“As they say, ‘Data is King’, but it doesn’t help us if we can’t see it in a meaningful way and derive insight from it,” said Herve Billiet, Ipsun Sunvoy CEO. “We’re offering this free tool to installers because we felt it was so helpful for our own solar company. We wanted to share so all solar installers can get these insights for themselves. The dashboard shows lifetime data across all our systems and has enabled us to see how our company has grown, where we may be struggling, and quite literally where we are making an impact.”

Ipsun Sunvoy dashboard

The free dashboard enables installers to connect their entire fleet’s data through integration with their inverter brands – easily entered and completed with a few clicks.

This new free tool will help installers see their entire fleet on a location-enabled map. With this tool, every employee can locate their company’s systems while out in the field or when speaking to customers looking for examples of their work. Maintenance personnel can locate jobs easily, prioritize, and map out sensible routes.

Additionally, the integration with a company’s inverter brands allows the dashboard to show all time fleet-wide stats like growth year over year, lifetime environmental benefits, and lifetime energy produced.

Sunvoy’s map is currently integrated with the SolarEdge, Enphase and SMA inverter brands. Additional free Sunvoy resources are in development and accessing the current tool will give installers the ability to use the others when they are live.

The full Sunvoy app was created to help solar installers automate their processes and communication, reduce expenses, and unify their patchwork of software.

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