NRG Systems launches cloud-based fleet monitoring platform

NRG Systems

NRG Systems, maker of smart technologies for wind, solar and meteorological applications, launched a new platform for remotely monitoring the company’s measurement solutions. This NRG Cloud will improve users’ access to their fleet of wind and solar systems and feature data management services to simplify data retrieval.

NRG Systems currently offers the NRG Cloud Standard Connect Package free of charge. Membership is geared towards customers who use NRG’s SymphoniePRO Data Loggers as part of their pre- and post-construction wind and solar measurement campaigns. The Standard Connect Package supports multi-user access to sites and delivers a range of tools to easily upload, store, and download site data. NRG Systems has also introduced user-accessible APIs for programmatic interaction with data stored on NRG Cloud. NRG’s NRGPy python package can now be used to simplify interaction with the NRG Cloud APIs.  As part of the NRG Cloud roadmap, NRG Systems will add support for remote configuration of the SymphoniePRO Data Logger and a selection of their other products.

Leon Hailstones, NRG’s Director of Product Management, said, “The introduction of NRG Cloud is really in keeping with NRG’s dedication to providing integrated, end-to-end solutions to our customers as our industry continues to embrace and rely on digitalization. Data – including data quality, accessibility, and management – have always been paramount to our customers’ projects. NRG Cloud makes it easier than ever for them to interface with their products so they can ultimately save time and money while remaining confident that their systems are operating as expected and delivering the data they need.”

Key features of the NRG Cloud Standard Connect Package include:

  • Fleet Management Dashboard (Map and Table Views)
  • Data Delivery, Processing, and Storage
  • Data Export (to TXT, CSV, PDF, and PNG formats) and Transport (FTP, SharePoint, etc.)
  • Data Visualization
  • Basic Alerts (Faults, Warnings)
  • Multi-User Management
  • Bulk Data Upload and Download Toolset
  • User-Accessible APIs 
  • Remote SymphoniePRO Data Logger Configuration (coming soon)
  • Device Firmware Updates (coming soon)

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