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Yotta Energy integrates APsystems MLPE tech into module-level storage product

Yotta Energy Storage APsystems

Yotta Energy inked a partnership with APsystems this week and is officially unveiling its DualPower Inverter, Yotta DPI. For the unaware, Yotta Energy has a panel-level energy storage solution. The battery fits right behind any standard solar module and can also take the place of concrete ballast within the racking system. The Yotta DPI goes a step further, integrating APsystems’ module-level power electronics with Yotta’s flagship energy storage product.

This collaboration further streamlines the energy storage installation process and makes solar PV systems installed today energy-storage-ready systems.

“We knew that partnering with an established industry leader in inverter technology would enable us to develop a seamless energy storage experience for our customers,” said Omeed Badkoobeh, CEO of Yotta Energy. “We also looked for a global leader in the space with a high commitment to quality. Our partnership with APsystems enables us to provide a plug-and-play energy storage solution with the reliability our customers need.”

“Partnering with Yotta Energy provides commercial solar customers with a cost-effective and efficient inverter option to pair with their innovative energy storage technology,” said Ryan Davies, National Head of Sales and Operations at APsystems. “Reliability is key for creating distributed energy assets. We are happy to help the Yotta Energy team in providing a full solution that’s capable of creating dispatchable energy resources.”

The Yotta Energy team recently worked with Native Solar to develop an energy-storage ready system. “When I learned about the Yotta DPI, I knew it would give our clients the edge in solar plus storage technology,” said Elijah Johnston-Heck, Commercial PV Project Manager, NATiVE Solar. “I was excited to offer the Yotta DPI to our clients because of its simplicity and scalability.”

The Yotta DPI meets California Rule 21 requirements, incorporates rapid shutdown, and operates at
completely low voltage. It works in single phase and three phase applications. Developers and owners are able to install the Yotta DPI today and easily add Yotta’s energy storage product in early 2022.

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