What’s new in rooftop solar wire management?

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Our Rooftop Solar BOS Buyer’s Guide provides a good snapshot of what’s new and updated across the racking, mounting and wire management marketplace. When it comes to the latter, wire management suppliers are constantly needing to place defense, in a way, and react to changes made elsewhere in the PV system, such as the evolving size and shape of solar modules, and the influx of attached electronics.

Here are the most notable wire management product trends as seen in the 2024 edition of the Rooftop Solar BOS Buyer’s Guide. Be sure to give the whole thing a scroll for an expanded look at the market.

Edgeless options | Since some of the panel manufacturers are reducing/eliminating the traditional “edge” of a solar panel frame, clips have had to adapt.

heyclip heyco
Heyco designed several new clips, including the No-Flange shown above, meant for attaching to panels without a “lip”

Heyco designed several new clips, including the No-Flange shown above, meant for attaching to panels without a “lip” and frames that have no typical mounting flange. Heyco’s SunRunner’s robust “double-compression” design securely holds a variety of cables ranging from .20″ (5,1 mm) to .33″ (8,4 mm) in diameter. The have smooth edges to prevent damage to cable insulation and are made from corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel.

heyco clip

For those panels that still have an “edge” but that edge is just smaller than it used to be, Heyco has a new HEYClip SunRunner Short Flange 90° Cable Clips.  Older clips in the market require 30mm of an edge to fix to, however the new Short Flange clips only require 10mm of an edge, making them a perfect solution for newer modules in the market.

Conduit mounts | All of your favorite rooftop mounting companies now provide a conduit mount that rely on their proprietary systems and install over the top of shingles.

Roof Tech conduit mount

Roof Tech’s new RT-CONDUIT MOUNT shown above relies on a double flexible flashing system, Roof Tech’s AlphaSeal System. It attaches both direct to deck (OSB or Plywood) or rafters. It is designed with a height (top of roof to bottom of conduit) that avoids derating the ampacity of the conduit (NEC), and allows for either a cowboy clamp or half-moon  conduit clamps ranging from ½” to 1” dia. conduit.

QuickBOLT conduit mount

Likewise, QuickBOLT’s Conduit Mount requires no no predrilling or sealant and instead uses torque-driven compression to create a watertight seal. Insert the mounting screw into the shoulder clip and the EPDM block, then drive until the block is compressed.

EcoFasten’s Smart Conduit Mount quickly installs on composition shingle roofs and can rotate 360° for conduit runs in any orientation, giving the installer maximum flexibility. The Smart Conduit Mount features EcoFasten’s proprietary UltraGrip Technology. A layer of cushioning foam helps to embed the waterproofing sealant deep into the granules of the shingle. See below:

Ecofasten conduit-smartmount_exploded

MLPE clip convenience | Module-level electronics(MLPE) of some kind – microinverters, optimizers or rapid shutdown devices, are being installed on the majority of rooftop solar projects. Reducing the annoyances and possibilities for install error is crucial here.

S-5’s MLPE Mount attaches to module frames during module preparation on the ground or at a designated prep area on the roof. The actual installation is simple and straightforward. Attach the S-5! MLPE Mount to the optimizer; then place the optimizer with one hand onto the frame while tightening with the other hand utilizing the proper tool. A unique tab feature makes installation quick and easy, preventing rotation of the MLPE as the mount is tightened. It is designed for use with any flanged module, and is ideal for use with all S-5! solar attachments for rail-less and rail-based installations.

SunModo continues to build out its “Nano” line with NanoRack rail-less system that specializes in on-the-ground pre-assembly. The mounts and the MLPE Clamp attach to the module all attach to the module while on the ground. Learn more in this episode of The Pitch:

Along these same lines of system synergy, Sollega added a standard 1 5/8” uni-strut that is installed between its FR510 buckets going north/south to integrate the Yotta battery. Yotta’s battery technology features a unique PV-coupled architecture that incorporates lithium-iron-phosphate batteries designed with advanced thermal management. These units are installed underneath panels on C&I rooftops. Diagram for reference:

sollega and yotta diagram

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