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SB POY 2022

Here are the Residential nominees for the 2022 Solar Builder Project of the Year Awards, sponsored by EagleView Technologies. Accurate data, virtual site assessments, and installation-ready designs will optimize your solar sales funnel and operations — learn more in this EagleView special report Breaking Down and Through Soft Costs.

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Redwood City Membrane Rooftop Installation

Redwood City, Calif. | 17.02 kWdc

Customer Chris M. was initially relying on PG&E for 2,068 kWh/month, resulting in around $700 a month for his PG&E bill. He obviously really wanted to add solar. A challenge in doing this, though, was a new large membrane roof that’s an atypical project for many solar installers. Simply Solar was able to leverage its expertise in larger scale and specialty projects to install this 17.02 kW system that will generate approximately 24,612 kWh/year. Chris will now be able to generate 2051 kWh/month on his own, reducing his dependency on PG&E to less than 1% of his monthly electric usage (about $50 a month). In 25 years, Chris will see almost $500,000 dollars in total savings on his electric bill.

Installer: Simply Solar | Modules: Silfab Solar | Inverters: SolarEdge | Mounting: IronRidge

Navajo Nation Community

Black Mesa region, Ariz. | 18-kW / 36 kWh

Navajo Nation’s Hard Rock Chapter House received a free solar + storage system from Sunnova and Generac, in a partnership with Empowered By Light. The Hard Rock Chapter House serves as a central meeting place where the Navajo community is able to gather. About 14,000 Navajo families are still living without access to electricity, so in addition to having more resources for the community thanks to the utility bill savings from the Sunnova system, the Chapter House can continue serving as a great resource for the community when the grid fails. Community members can continue to gather, and also cook food, get emergency supplies, and stay warm in the winter since many homes don’t have a heat source. This project includes 25 years of complimentary service provided by Sunnova.

Developer: Sunnova Energy International, Generac Power Systems and Empowered By Light | Installer: Fusion Power | Modules: Qcells | Inverters: Generac | Storage: Generac | Racking: K2 Systems

Kennard Resiliency Project

Spring Branch, Texas | 19.2 kW

This project is cool for a couple of reasons. One being the home was constructed with solar panels in mind; the wiring (and metal piping) was done within the wall so no visible piping and the solar panels are facing. The second is its backup and resiliency capabilities. After the disastrous Texas winter storm in 2021, these homeowners were not going to suffer the same consequences again. They not only added solar panels but three backup batteries and a generator.

Installer: Solar Edge Pros | Modules: Jinko Solar | Inverters: Enphase | Storage: Enphase (batteries) and Generac (generator) | Mounting: IronRidge

270 on East

Rochester, N.Y. | 73 kW 

270 on east

The 270 on East solar project in Rochester, N.Y., is part of an ongoing revitalization known as the Inner Loop East Transformation Project. The Inner Loop highway was built in the 1950s and became known for its displacement of hundreds of homes and businesses. Now, with the highway demolished and filled in, the goal here is to reconnect neighborhoods with a vibrant, safe, and walkable community. The project created 112 homes, including 55 with support services for veterans and seniors. The homes are modern and energy-efficient, with a 73 kW rooftop solar array installed by GreenSpark Solar. In a City where about 16% of the population lives in extreme poverty, projects like this are particularly meaningful.

Developer / EPC / Installer: GreenSpark Solar | Modules: Qcells | Inverters: CPS | Mounting: IronRidge

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