Whitepaper: Breaking Down and Breaking Through Solar Soft Costs

Eagleview Whitepaper

How Accurate Data, Virtual Site Assessments, and Installation-Ready Designs Will Optimize Your Solar Sales and Operations

In the US residential solar market, system costs have declined by 25% since 2014. However, customer acquisition and overhead costs have increased by 31% during the same time.

Additionally, the Solar Energy Industries Association points out that soft costs in the US are some of the highest globally, representing 60–70% of the total cost of residential-scale solar PV systems.

Based on data like these, it is no surprise that solar industry stakeholders have a collective and often self-reinforcing perception that a solar PV system’s soft costs are perpetually stubborn.

This whitepaper explores opportunities to reduce soft costs in residential-scale systems in the US solar market by streamlining and optimizing the solar sales process and business operations and workflow.

Many opportunities to mitigate individual soft costs presented here also apply to small commercial systems.

Learn ways to reduce labor and installation time and work smarter, not harder.

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