Vivint Solar customers can now be a utility resource via EnergyHub partnership

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EnergyHub has partnered with Vivint Solar to make their residential storage systems available as cost-effective grid-edge resources for utilities. Utilities can now use EnergyHub’s Mercury DERMS platform to manage behind-the-meter batteries from Vivint Solar customers for grid services, expanding efforts to improve grid health and incentivize the adoption of residential storage.

With over 196,000 solar installations nationwide, Vivint Solar is one of the largest residential solar and storage providers in the country. The addition of Vivint Solar to EnergyHub’s partner ecosystem allows EnergyHub’s utility clients to expand the number of providers eligible for DER programs, helping expand the size of battery DER programs and enhance the options for utility customers to participate.

“Residential battery programs are a win-win for utilities and their customers. Our partnership with EnergyHub helps utilities build portfolios of clean, reliable resources while rewarding our customers for contributing to the health of their local grid.” said Jordan Winder, Vice President of New Products for Vivint Solar.

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The partnership between EnergyHub and Vivint Solar comes as residential storage purchases are accelerating, with home installations doubling year-over-year to 40.4MW for the final quarter of 2019, according to Wood MacKenzie.

Batteries managed through EnergyHub’s Mercury DERMS platform are capable not only of providing summer and winter demand response, but also soaking up renewables by shifting load and to mitigate congestion and address overloaded feeders. The reactive power capabilities of batteries make them suitable for voltage management as well.

“Residential batteries can serve as very flexible and reliable resources to provide an array of grid services for utilities. It is part of EnergyHub’s mission to partner with leading storage system providers like Vivint Solar to help utilities grow their DER portfolios and provide their customers with choice,” said Matt Johnson, VP of Business Development at EnergyHub.

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