Virginia’s Ipsun Solar adds energy storage offering with Tesla certification

Ipsun Power

Ipsun Solar, located in Fairfax, Va., is now a Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer. The company says sign-ups for the product are already coming in at a brisk pace, which speaks to a desire on the part of D.C. and Northern Virginia homeowners for customized solar-plus-battery solutions.

During 2019, the final year of the federal solar tax credit, electric customers have a chance to take full advantage of tax incentive dollar savings while harnessing the free, abundant power of the sun. This ensures power is available in the event of a grid outage.

With Tesla Powerwall, D.C. Metro residents can store more solar energy generated during the day for use any time. During the day, the sun shines on the solar panels, charging the battery. At night, the home draws electricity from the battery, so that the home can use clean, sustainable power 24/7. Ipsun Solar’s in-house teams handle system design, permitting, installation, financing, and basic service, and they are pleased to install these systems along with photovoltaic solar arrays and electric vehicle chargers.

The unit is typically connected to the grid in order to export excess energy, maximizing the financial benefit opportunity for a business or a family by making use of utility net energy metering.

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