Unirac Partners with KG Solar on 425kW Solar Installation for First Hope Bank

Unirac Infrastructure Selected for Superior Efficiency of Cost and Installation as well as Aesthetics and Versatility

Unirac Inc., North America’s leading provider of infrastructure for solar power systems, has teamed with partner KG Solar and Renewable Energy, a division of KG Companies, on a customized Unirac ISYS Ground Mount (IGM) solution for the First Hope Bank branch office in Blairstown, N.J. The 425 kW solar installation is projected to offset nearly 100 percent of the bank’s energy consumption and reduce its carbon emissions by 8.6 million tons over the next 25 years.

Engineered to accommodate virtually every foundation option, the Unirac ISYS Ground Mount easily adapts to any project site by allowing customers to select the most cost-effective foundation system for their specific project. The Unirac IGM allows pre-assembly of module columns prior or in parallel to the installation of foundations and racking. Additionally, contractors can build the subassembly or grade land while assembling all modules to the Unirac rails in a controlled environment. Both options offer a shorter project turn-around time and reduce field-labor — and thereby cost.

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Constructed on a two-acre site behind the First Hope Bank building, KG Solar’s 425kW project showcases the Unirac IGM’s versatility. IGM’s parallel assembly is a benefit for all installations, but was even more so for this particular site, with the construction process occurring during a harsh winter. A major criterion of the design specifications required a southwest orientation and therefore a lower slope (15 degrees) than is typical of most ground-mounted systems at this latitude. Further, there was the need for a single pole-mounting system.

Kurt Gewecke, managing member of KG Solar and Renewable Energy, expressed high satisfaction with IGM not only from a functional standpoint but also from an aesthetic perspective. “The pole-mounted system allowed us to set up a dual-slope matrix starting at the high side of the property and make the arrays follow a single slope in both the N-S and E-W direction to eliminate the ‘saw tooth”’ effect,” he explained. “As a result the project has a handsome, uniform look.”

Gewecke also praised the Unirac team’s superior efficiency, stating, “This was our first project with Unirac and we were very satisfied with the design and delivery process. The minor design and field changes were handled quickly and professionally. Moreover, in working with Unirac, the KG Solar crew developed a unique system of rigging for ease and speed of installation that could benefit future projects.”

“KG Solar’s experience proved Unirac’s outstanding ability to accommodate design specifications,” said Unirac president and CEO Doug May. “Not only is IGM designed to offer incredible value, but its versatility minimizes delays in the assembly process and mitigates the normal challenges of working in inclement weather. In addition, the Unirac team’s ‘can do’ attitude was clearly an asset for this first-time partner.”

Unirac’s full line of innovative PV mounting solutions, including the ISYS Ground Mount system used in this installation, will be on display in booth 3037 at the Solar Power International (SPI) trade show to be held October 18-20 in the Dallas (TX) Convention Center.


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