Tigo EI Residential Solution now HECO-approved

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Tigo Energy‘s newly HECO-certified Tigo EI Residential Solar Solution is now available for the Hawaiian market. This includes a new 3.8 kW variant. Being included in the HECO list of approved solar products means the product meets mandatory functions specified in Rule 14H.

The Tigo Energy Intelligence product line is an integrated system that is easy to install, fast to commission, and convenient to maintain via a mobile app and a browser-based program. The Tigo EI platform provides system diagnosis and over-the-air software upgrades.

“Hawaii has a high concentration of experienced high-quality installers working with savvy homeowners making this market the sharp point of the spear for US renewable energy adoption and policy,” said Derek Noble, senior vice president of North America sales at Tigo Energy. “As one of the most mature solar markets in the United States, Hawaiians demand the best from their equipment suppliers. Tigo is pleased to offer a premium, HECO-certified EI residential solar solution that has been proven in other US markets throughout the past year.”

The addition of a 3.8 kW Tigo EI inverter will give homeowners in Hawaii a vital tool to right-size solar systems and optimize their solar-to-storage mix.

The Tigo 3.8 kW EI inverter joins the 7.6 kW and 11.4 kW models in offering high-efficiency energy conversion for home consumption or export to the grid. When combined with the Tigo line of TS4 MLPE products, it provides module-level optimization, monitoring and rapid shutdown and enables home energy backup when paired with a home energy storage system like the Tigo EI Battery.

The Tigo EI Battery provides energy bill management for time-of-use rate plans and backup energy in the event of a grid outage and can be configured for both whole-home and critical load backup to satisfy a comprehensive array of home energy needs. Tigo EI Battery systems are rated at 9.9 kWh of energy per enclosure, with a usable capacity of 9.0 kWh.

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