Sunworks to start installing co-branded Yaskawa – Solectria inverters

Yaskawa – Solectria Solar formed a partnership with Sunworks, which means Sunworks will be installing co-branded PVI 50/60TL transformerless three-phase string inverters that are a part of Yaskawa – Solectria Solar’s top-selling commercial string inverter line.

Sunworks says it chose Yaskawa – Solectria Solar inverters based on their reliability, Yaskawa – Solectria Solar’s support, and the ongoing successful relationship between both companies.

sunworks yaskawa solectria inverter

“Sunworks has initiated its ‘Powered by’ program, which is tailored to exceed customer expectations, reduce installation time and enhance production. Yaskawa – Solectria Solar was chosen after extensive evaluation to be our partner of choice for this program,” said Robert Lopez, VP Procurement of Sunworks.

The alignment of the two solar companies will create new opportunities for customers who can benefit from both company’s service and increased flexibility.

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First project lined up

Sunworks will begin installing Yaskawa – Solectria Solar inverters in a 2.8-MW ground-mount project located in Buttonwillow, Calif.. Yaskawa – Solectria Solar’s PVI 60TL provides the best solution to optimize BOS, reduce labor costs, and maximize energy harvesting for customers.

Sunworks will continue to utilize other Yaskawa – Solectria Solar commercial products in addition to the PVI 50/60TL depending on project needs.

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