SunWize Appoints New CEO

SunWize Technologies Inc. has appointed Scott Tonn as chief executive officer, and has elected him to the company’s board of directors. Tonn replaces David Kulik as the CEO of SunWize.

“I am delighted to announce Scott Tonn as the new CEO. He joins us during a time of fast changing industry dynamics, and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the position,” said Susumu Katagiri, chairman of SunWize’s board of directors. “Mr. Tonn possesses the qualities and leadership that make him uniquely qualified to drive SunWize forward into its next chapter, building on its already strong industry position.

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“I want to thank David Kulik for his service and commitment to SunWize over the last 19 years. He helped shape the company’s successful path in a rapidly growing U.S. photovoltaic market,” Katagiri added.

Tonn joined ESSCO Wholesale Electric Inc. in 2001 and served as president of Essco Wholesale Electric & EGM, Inc. from 2001 through 2010, a leading West Coast electric wholesaler. He also spent one year at Blue Renewable Energy where he served as managing partner. Tonn holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics from the University of California, Davis.

Concurrent with Tonn’s appointment as CEO, the SunWize office in San Jose, CA, has become the new corporate headquarters, moving from Kingston, N.Y. This transition holds many benefits for SunWize, including enhanced internal communications for even faster, more efficient decision making. In addition, the San Jose headquarters will contribute to fostering innovation, a higher level of synergy among the company’s businesses, and improved relationships with SunWize’s stakeholders.

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