Sunpreme bifacial solar modules paired with Tigo’s optimizers in this carport, rooftop project


A shopping center located in the California Bay Area installed a carport and rooftop installations (totaling 750 kW) that paired Sunpreme‘s GxB380 SM Bifacial PV Panels with Tigo TS4-L (Long Strings) Optimizers, which came integrated with the modules. The DC-to-DC module integration with Tigo allows for longer PV string designs, panel-level monitoring, and UL-certified rapid safety shutdown. With Tigo’s Reclaimed Energy feature, the solar system owners will be able to track and calculate the exact ROI from Sunpreme’s optimized modules, while providing a centerpiece to the holistic approach of environmental stewardship.

“Providing the added benefits of optimization for a local project of this magnitude is a welcomed opportunity,” says Zvi Alon, Chairman & CEO at Tigo. “Our TS4’s unprecedented reliability in the field is the reason we match Sunpreme’s industry-leading warranty for bifacial panels – both have the best lifetime energy yields.”

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