See a 270-kW rooftop system completed by SunLink, RA Power & Light

Hitting a project deadline on time is always a great feeling, but how about three weeks ahead of schedule? SunLink Corp. and RA Power & Light did just that completing a new 270-kW commercial rooftop system at the Aethercomm facility in Carlsbad, Calif. Solar developer and EPC RA Power & Light leveraged years of expertise in commercial solar together with the rapid installation advantages of SunLink’s Precision-Modular RMS ballasted mounting system to achieve the three-week-early completion.

RAPowerLight SunLink Aethercomm solar


“SunLink continues to dominate in commercial industrial rooftop solar because of our proven ability to engineer products and project solutions unlike anyone else,” said Michael Maulick, CEO of SunLink. “When looking to the future of the roof-mount sector and our entire industry at large, those of us leading the way posses a unique combination of technical understanding as to what makes projects successful and an ability to translate our expertise into solutions that make it easier for our partners to complete more projects efficiently. Furthermore, our partners can have confidence the design and our products will stand the test of time and whatever Mother Nature decides to throw their way.”

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The Aethercomm PV system reduces operation spend considerably for the company, freeing up capital for R&D and enabling delivery of technology solutions to U.S. military personnel faster and more cost-effectively.

SunLink commercial rooftop

After! (and three weeks ahead of schedule)

With more than 10 years and thousands of commercial roof-mount projects to influence its best-in-class design, SunLink’s Precision-Modular RMS overcomes common obstacles that all-too-often hinder commercial roof-mount projects. Its building-block design maximizes layout flexibility and facilitates the often-necessary last-minute changes required once on the roof. For the Aethercomm site, the Precision-Modular RMS Class A Fire Rating, fully integrated wire management, seismic capacity and ability to endure sustained high winds facilitated rapid approval from City of Carlsbad Building & Safety and put the project on a fast track for completion.

“RA Power & Light excels in the commercial industrial solar market segment by investing in understanding client operations and business processes. We then work in partnership with them to consistently over-deliver, resulting in increased business efficiencies and predictable project outcomes,” said Michael Campbell, CEO of RA Power & Light. “To execute on this strategy, we only work with similarly motivated project partners and solution providers like SunLink. The result is the best renewables industry solution for our customers, backed by partners we can count on to bring the best products and services to the equation. The Aethercomm project is a tremendous example of how our approach, proper design, the right solution partners and experienced crews can deliver outstanding outcomes on even the most complicated projects.”

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