Suniva case watch: SEIA sends out four ways you can help this week

ITC solar trade petition

The Suniva trade petition really has put the solar industry on hold. Every person we talked to at Intersolar in July seemed in good spirits, but then couched all of their statements with “but I guess we’ll see how this Suniva thing goes.”

There is no new news on that front, but here’s a reminder of where we are at.

  • Pre-hearing brief is due to the International Trade Commission on Tuesday, August 8
  • Hearing on injury is scheduled for August 15.
  • A decision on injury will be made by Sept. 22 at the latest.
  • If injury is found, a remedy will be recommended by Nov. 13.
  • President Trump (gulp) has until Jan. 12, 2018, to decide whatever crazy thing he likes as the appropriate remedy.

The Solar Energy Industries Association has been out in front of this since the beginning and is in the process of finalizing its brief and ensuring that its witnesses for the August 15 hearing are ready to testify.

SEIA CEO Abigail Hopper sent these four requests to industry constituents this week

1. Take advantage of Congressional summer break (House) to connect with members of Congress in person in district.

2. Take to social media. Change your social media profile to this campaign picture, and hashtag all your posts with #SaveSolarJobs.

3. Contacting your Senators and U.S. Representatives and asking them to sign on to a letter to the ITC is always welcomed.

4.  SEIA is organizing a bus-in to gather as many solar workers in the room as it can to demonstrate a show of force and support from the solar industry in our opposition to the trade case. Fill out this form if you plan on attending.

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