SunEdison licenses new high-performance (400 watt) solar modules from Solaria

High-efficiency PV keeps getting, well, higher. SunEdison, one of the largest global renewable energy development companies, signed a licensing deal with Solaria’s manufacturing technology to cost effectively mass produce its new line of ultra-high efficiency 400-W solar modules.


A behind-the-scenes look at Solaria’s innovative technology

“SunEdison’s solar materials team has completed the development of the new 400-W SunEdison Zero White Space solar module. This architecture squeezes more electricity out of the module by reducing the amount of unproductive white space surrounding each cell,” said Bang Nguyen, SunEdison’s vice president of solar materials operations. “By licensing Solaria’s state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, we’re able to get SunEdison Zero White Space modules to market much quicker. These new modules are our most efficient yet, and are ideally suited for home and business applications where space is limited.”

Building on an IP portfolio of more than 100 patents and a highly automated manufacturing line, Solaria’s cost and efficiency improvements are unmatched for a variety of large applications. By leveraging its core technology to develop and deliver new applications, Solaria offers solar solutions optimized for rooftop and utility PV, building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) and greenhouses. Through Solaria’s partnership-driven approach, Solaria enables market leaders across its three core segments to surpass competition via their own “powered by Solaria” branded products that leverage Solaria’s leading edge technology.

“SunEdison is a visionary company and we are excited to enter into this collaboration to pursue our combined goal of accelerating the ubiquity of solar technology,” said Suvi Sharma, CEO, Solaria Corporation. “Combining Solaria’s high-density power generation solutions with SunEdison’s market leadership will continue to accelerate the availability of affordable and efficient solar.”

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