Summit Energy finishes first Solstice solar shingle install

The Peak Roofing division of Summit Energy, a premier solar installer in the Northeast, just installed its first Solstice Solar Shingle System from CertainTeed. The Solstice Shingle System combines solar energy production into a low-profile roofing system that is aesthetically similar to asphalt shingles.

“Homeowners who have been reluctant to adopt solar due to the aesthetics are finding this new product concept very appealing which combines the best in aesthetics and solar power production in the industry. Many manufacturers have tried but no one has been able to create the seamless integration with asphalt shingles we see with Solstice,” said Adam Graber, Sr. Director of Business Development at Summit Energy.

Founded by solar veterans Eric Israelsen and Dallin Maw, Summit Energy has expanded its service area steadily and now offers solar and roofing solutions for homeowners and businesses in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Connecticut and Rhode Island. To date, the company has helped over 4,000 customers save money on their utility bills,

Through strategic partnerships with the best in the industry of multiple financial, equipment, and warranty providers, Summit Energy is able to customize solar and roofing solutions to meet the needs of any customer.

Peak Roofing is one of a few in the nation who are Certainteed Select Masters in both Solar and Shingles.

Solstice Solar Shingles are electrically and mechanically robust because of patented Certainteed technology all backed by a 25 year warranty. The Solstice Shingle boasts a wind speed rating of 110 mph. They are also rated to be installed in any wind zone including Florida’s high velocity hurricane zone. The Solstice Shingle is also watertight due to the water channel and raised fastener locations designed to provide added protection against water intrusion.

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