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sonnen_systems Opens North American Headquarters

sonnen_systems Inc., a global manufacturer of dual-axis tracking systems, is expanding its operations in North America. Customers in the U.S. will be supported from the new office and warehouse in Richmond, Calif., located close to downtown San Francisco.

According to Mayor of Richmond Gayle McLaughlin, “sonnen_systems has done business in many other countries and they could have landed anywhere in the Bay Area. They chose an area that is solar-ready with a trained workforce and an excellent location to major markets. The City of Richmond is proud to expand our local solar and green technology business cluster with the world-class product from sonnen_systems.”

“We just arrived in town this month and are already working with city and community groups on our first installation in Richmond,” said sonnen_systems CEO Jochen Marg. “Right now, we have offices and assembly areas. As we add production and warehousing to support the West Coast operations, new employees will be brought on from the local community.”

multi_use is being pioneered by sonnen_systems to open new markets in the US. The single-post design of the tracker enables low-impact installation of power generation systems on agricultural land and parking areas. Environments such as farms, vineyards, sloped land and shopping areas can generate power alongside regular business operations on shared space.

“As the industry continues to consolidate, the search for new markets is on,” says industry veteran Stephen Smith of Solvida Energy. “Multi-use solutions take advantage of previously un-usable parcels of land. With this multi-use idea, the system owner benefits twice: reduced electricity costs and increased visibility as an environmentally friendly business.”

Jochen Marg adds that the sonnen_systems design is based on four central features: a sturdy construction, a highly accurate astronomical controller, the safety feature safeguard and real-time communication from the newly-released track_app. Today, there are more than 11,000 sonnen_systems operating globally.

With a proven product and a warm welcome to California, sonnen_systems is ready to stake out some new markets with their U.S. partners. And in addition to the new offices, sonnen_systems is pleased to announce the launch of its newly designed website! Check it out at: www.sonnensystems.com.


About dual axis tracker sonnen_system:

The “sonnen_system“ dual axis trackers are astronomically controlled biaxial systems. Using a rotatable mount, the solar modules are continuously positioned at a 90 degree angle against the sun. This innovative technology makes sure that the radiation angle against the module is optimal at all times. This way, these solar systems will deliver up to 45% more yield than systems sitting on a fixed structure.

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