Some good news: BayWa r.e. creates solar training scholarship fund with Solar Energy International

solar scholarship fund

BayWa r.e. Solar Systems LLC is partnering with Solar Energy International (SEI) to create a scholarship fund, awarding over $10,000 in solar training tuition fees to SEI students. The BayWa r.e. Scholarship Fund will contribute 100% of tuition fees to nine, hand-selected future solar professionals, with a focus on expanding an equitable, skilled and safe energy workforce to grow renewable energy worldwide.

Being the first SEI industry partnership of its kind, the BayWa r.e. Scholarship Fund is representative of renewable energy companies growing investment in the solar workforce through hands-on safety, and technical training. Commitment to developing solar workers is helping secure equitable access to employment and building a skilled workforce to meet the needs of a modern grid despite gender, sexual orientation, race, and socio-economic status. The BayWa r.e. Scholarship Fund encourages a diverse and inclusive range of soon-to-be solar energy experts through providing distraction-free training, one student at a time.

“We are so excited for this first-of-its-kind industry partnership in the history of our organization,” said Marla Korpar, Development Director of SEI. “Our collaboration with BayWa r.e. is important because it’s strengthening our bond with the solar industry in order to reach more people, regardless of their socio-economic status, so that we can offer more equitable solar training as we advance the workforce.”

Selected candidates that are awarded the BayWa r.e. Scholarship will receive training via SEI’s PV101, PV203 and/or PV201L/PV301L classes and lab(s), with the intention of helping each graduate land a solar job while simultaneously impacting the diversity of the solar workforce.

“Solar Energy International has built a strong reputation in the industry for high quality solar installation training over the past almost 30 years,” said Christine Owens, VP Marketing of BayWa r.e. Solar Systems. “We are very excited to launch our scholarship program with them to help make training accessible to people who cannot otherwise afford it.”

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