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Soligent now offering Panasonic HIT solar modules

Panasonic HIT panelsAs one of North America’s top solar distributors, Soligent always goes the extra mile for its dealers, staying ahead of industry trends and looking for new products that can help us advance the adoption of solar energy on a mass market level. With that in mind, Soligent will be offering the 325W HIT solar modules from Panasonic, which are ideal for small roofs as they generate the highest yield per square-meter, and thus, produce more energy than high-efficiency solar modules from other manufacturers–without taking up any additional roof space.

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“We know that solar installers are always in competition for their customers’ dollars, and the lowest cost solution is not always the factor to make or break a solar deal,” Soligent stated. “With the latest addition to our product offering, Soligent dealers now have access to a high-efficiency solar module for customers that demand the highest quality solar power systems.”

Benefits of Panasonic’s HIT Solar Modules:

  • 19.7% module efficiency
  • High performance in high temperatures
  • 25-year power output warranty
  • More energy, higher profit

Thanks to an innovative surface treatment, the pyramidal photovoltaic solar cell structure is able to capture sunlight more effectively and reduce reflection, leading to higher energy production compared to conventional solar cells.

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