merges with the Atmosphere Conservancy


The website has merged with an established non-profit, The Atmosphere Conservancy. The website was launched in 2021 as a clearinghouse to share resources about reuse, resale, and recycling of end of life solar equipment. This decision to join forces strengthens the team’s mission to foster a holistic approach to end-of-life solar solutions.

“Joining forces with The Atmosphere Conservancy allows us access to greater resources and a platform for future growth. The more we ensure that stakeholders have ready access to information about sustainable end of life solutions for our materials, the more our industry will align with its environmental values and climate efforts,” stated Kate Collardson, co-founder of

The Atmosphere Conservancy provides a strong background in solar development and the non-profit status needed for grant opportunities. The team behind will play the operational and visionary role required for programmatic implementation. Information on the website will expand in scope, including adding resources for decommissioning, on-site and balance-of-systems components, pallets, and other shipping-related packaging.

The partnership will continue to use as the primary source of information for these initiatives. Continue to check the website for critical paths to a circular economy in solar.

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