Solarcheck Rapid Shutdown device is integrated directly onto the panel

Solarcheck RSDNEC 690.12 dictates that all rooftop solar PV systems must have a rapid shutdown function to protect first responders from electric shock in the event of an emergency. Phoenix Contact has developed an NEC 690.12-compliant solution for the safe, rapid shutdown of rooftop PV systems.

SOLARCHECK RSD (Rapid Shutdown) is based on the intelligent analysis of electrical conditions within solar strings. In the event of an emergency, a fault condition within a string, or a manual shutdown for maintenance work, the system automatically switches the PV system into a safe state.

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Unlike other solutions on the market today, there is no need for additional communications cables or wireless networks. SOLARCHECK RSD modules are integrated directly onto the panels via a smart cabling system. When the system can be safely restarted, SOLARCHECK RSD switches on automatically, triggered by the startup of the inverter, or optionally, via an enable input.

Check it out for yourself at InterSolar booth #8632.

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