Smappee EV Wall charger launched in United States, uses AI to manage costs

Smappee EV Wall charger

Smappee, a cleantech company based in Belgium, sent over details on a new EV charger they are launching in the United States, called EV Wall. This EV Wall charger is designed for both residential and commercial use, and relies on Smappee’s energy management technology to more cost-effectively charge electric vehicles during the daytime — something more EV chargers are focused on lately.

“We are thrilled to introduce the Smappee EV Wall Charger to the US market,” says Stefan Grosjean, Founder and CEO of Smappee. “This charger empowers consumers and businesses to make smarter, more sustainable choices while enjoying the benefits of reliable electric mobility.”

The EV Wall can be integrated with Smappee’s Smartup Kit for residential use or the Smappee Infinity for businesses. Specs include a power output of 48A and an 18-foot cable. The charger is fully UL 2231 certified.

Installation involves Smappee’s network of certified local installers, who are trained at the Smappee Academy and backed by the company’s top-rated support team.

Smappee EV Wall charger features

Connects directly to solar power and optimizes it. Smappee EV Wall has built-in solar forecasting technology to maximize EV charging with solar power in the daytime.

Uses AI to avoid high-cost periods and utility penalties. Users can set peak demand preferences and charge accordingly, while the EV Wall ensures a full charge by departure time.

Avoids tripping breakers and service upgrades. Smappee EV Wall has precise revenue-grade energy monitoring that balances energy use between multiple EVs and the building. The goal is adding EV charging without the often associated electrical upgrades.

Looks slick and has a functional LED light to provide feedback and ambient lighting. That latter benefit adds some safety to certain parking areas, but the adjustable brightness can be turned down to not disturb nocturnal animals.

Accessible charging control and management via the Smappee App. For businesses, the Smappee Management Dashboard offers comprehensive control over EV fleets and charging stations, all accessible remotely in real-time.

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