SMA: Multicluster Box AC distribution hub

SMA is taking orders for its Multicluster Box, an off-grid AC distribution hub that manages a variety of renewable and combustion generation sources for large-scale Sunny Island multi-cluster systems. Now available for the North American market, the SMA Multicluster Box features a preconfigured design that simplifies the installation of off-grid renewable-energy systems, providing users with superior design flexibility and making rural electrification simple and scalable. 

Ideal for systems up to 110-kW, the Multicluster Box offers simple connection of multiple renewable-energy sources, back-up combustion generator, and electrical loads into one battery-supported AC grid. It allows two, three or four three-phase clusters, each consisting of three Sunny Island inverters, to be connected in parallel.

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The Multicluster Box is pre-wired for operation and can accommodate various generator, load and renewable energy generation plant sizes. It contains load shedding, Sunny Island and generator contactors and circuit breakers, as well as an additional circuit breaker for the PV, wind or hydro-electric system. Safety is enhanced due to the Multicluster Box’s reverse current monitoring and emergency operation of the generator, while its NEMA 3-rated enclosure ensures all-weather durability.

The Multicluster Box is paired with SMA’s US series of Sunny Island battery-based inverters. The Sunny Island is equipped with best-in-class grid and battery management functions, including monitoring. As system manager, it collects real-time data and makes intelligent decisions based on battery state of charge, state of health, electrical loads and generation capacity. At times when the batteries are discharged and there is little generation capacity, it can activate a back-up energy source (such as the generator) or switch off certain consumption loads. Furthermore, it extends overall battery life by implementing optimized charging strategies.

The SMA Multicluster Box is assembled in SMA’s production facility in Denver.


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