SMA to Debut New Inverters at Solar Power International

SMA will showcase a variety of solutions for residential, commercial and utility-scale applications at unique indoor and outdoor exhibits at Solar Power International in Las Vegas, October 20-23. Among them will be new inverters, highlighted in booth #524, while the SMA Solar Sprinter van, which features a fully operational PV system, will be on display outside the main hall entrance.

SMA Utility Power SystemBoth exhibits will feature a theme familiar to Las Vegas, a town known for title bouts: The Main Event.

“SMA is delivering a one-two punch with dual interactive, boxing-themed exhibits at Solar Power International,” said Henry Dziuba, president and general manager of SMA America and president of SMA Canada. “SMA offers innovative technology for every power class and application and we are excited to share our newest and most advanced PV solutions with the industry’s best and brightest.”

Solar Power International attendees can expect to see one of SMA’s most dynamic booths to date. Products on display include:

  • Sunny Boy TL-US with Secure Power Supply: SMA has expanded its popular Sunny Boy TL-US line of inverters with Secure Power Supply with new 7,000- and 7,700-watt models. Like the rest of this inverter series, the Sunny Boy 7000TL-US and 7700TL-US each provide up to 1,500 W of daytime standby power in the event of a grid outage for charging laptops, cell phones and more, without the need of additional, costly batteries.

Also on display will be the Sunny Boy TL-US Rapid Shutdown Kit, which will house the inverter’s upcoming rapid shutdown feature. This solution will meet 2014 NEC 690.12 rapid shutdown requirements and will be released soon.

  • Sunny Tripower TL-US: The Sunny Tripower TL-US brings the sophistication of SMA’s utility-scale approach to the commercial market. Ideal for decentralized PV systems, this three-phase transformerless inverter is suitable for both 600 V DC and 1,000 V DC applications, allowing for flexible design and a lower levelized cost of energy. It is available as the Sunny Tripower 12000TL-US, 15000TL-US, 20000TL-US and 24000TL-US.
  • MLX 60: The new MLX 60 is a 60 kW inverter that combines the advantages of decentralized system layouts with the benefits of a centralized inverter design, bringing together the best of both worlds. It features CEC efficiency of 98 percent for maximum energy production and an earlier return on investment, as well as industry-leading power density, simplifying transportation and reducing logistical expenses.
  • Utility Power System: The new Utility Power System is an integrated, compact DC-to-AC system solution for utility-scale PV consisting of advanced engineered components, including the new Sunny Central 2000-US inverter, medium-voltage transformer, DC combiners, high-speed plant control and system-wide services. The Utility Power System’s efficient design delivers higher energy yields while reducing capital and operating expenditures, resulting in optimum levelized cost of energy and an overall reduction in system costs
  • O&M Services: SMA’s Solar Asset Management portfolio of services provides developers, EPCs, utilities and investors with the PV industry’s best financial backstop and long-term plan to maximize system performance, energy production and financial returns. That includes SMA’s comprehensive range of plant-wide utility and commercial operations and maintenance, which includes array, racking, balance-of-system and 24/7 remote monitoring services.

Located directly in front of the main entrance of the Las Vegas Convention Center (South Hall) will be the SMA Solar Sprinter van. It features eight roof-mounted modules that provide power to a Sunny Boy 3000TL-US with Secure Power Supply as part of an AC-coupled micro-grid using a Sunny Island off-grid inverter, Smartformer and small battery bank. All the equipment is fully operational during demonstrations. Also on display in the Solar Sprinter will be two Sunny Boy 240-US micro inverters, a Sunny Multigate-US and a Sunny Tripower TL-US.

Elsewhere at the show, SMA will be participating in a variety of speaking engagements, including a walking session (Getting the Most Out of Your System: Storage/Inverters), a panel discussion (Advanced Inverters and Deployment) and two poster presentations (Navigating the Changing Requirements of PV Interconnection, Operations and Metering; and Optimization of Utility-Scale PV Systems). SMA will also have continuous, in-booth presentations from four different speakers over the course of the show.

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