What to see at SPI? Check out this SPI product showcase

Solar Power International is the biggest, baddest solar show of the year, bringing the best the industry has to offer under one roof. Seeing it all would be impossible, so to help streamline things, we present our SPI Product Showcase, previewing some of the latest and greatest products on the expo floor. Give it a read and stop by the booths in person for a closer look.

Advanced Racking Solutions launches SKYRACK II

Advanced Racking SolutionsAdvanced Racking Solutions delivers cost-competitive mounting solutions designed to work with the roof. Years of refinement through structural and wind tunnel testing created products that present a balance of integrity and price point. At SPI, Advanced Racking Solutions will launch SKYRACK II, a new mounting solution for shingle roof PV systems that includes a shingle flashing. The SKYRACK II was designed by installers with no pre-drilling required and only a few components. With a light and heavy rail offering, user-friendly module clamps and a tested flashing system, EPCs and homeowners both approve.
Booth #343.


AET Rayport-G ECO Ground-Mount Dealer Kits

AET Rayport ECO mountingAET’s ECO product line focuses on achieving cost savings for developers and EPCs, while maintaining the quality and function of each product. AET’s network of distributors is now fully stocked with Rayport-G ECO Ground-Mount Dealer Kits. These innovative kits include pre-engineered drawings with BOMs and provide accurate guidance on the number of posts based on site-specific wind and snow loads. Installers and EPCs have the ability to purchase right off the shelf for their commercial or residential project needs, saving time and ensuring a quick turnaround for their customers.
Booth #5326.


AllEarth Trackers simplify the supply chain

AllEarth Solar TrackersThe AllEarth Solar Tracker has been used in more than 3,000 residential and small commercial installations throughout the United States. Each tracker includes GPS and wireless technology to precisely follow the sun and maximize production, routinely producing over 45 percent more energy than rooftop systems and 30 percent more than fixed systems. The fully pre-engineered system accommodates either 20 or 24 modules for 5-to-10-kW+ systems and can be shipped free the same day it is ordered. The tracker’s complete pallet system allows for simplified shipping directly to the installer or job site. Utilizing the rails of the tracker’s frame, the pallet and AllEarth Solar Tracker system simplifies supply chain management and installation by including the entire tracker and materials necessary for a complete installation, reducing procurement time and the cost of sourcing materials.
Booth #3534.


AP Alternatives’ versatile Ready Rack

AP Alternatives Ready RackReady Rack from AP Alternatives is a cost-effective, yet high-quality ground-mount racking solution.  Its integrated adjustability and efficient usage of simple materials makes Ready Rack versatile enough for the residential, commercial and utility-scale markets. Helical foundations (with other foundations optional) allow Ready Rack to be used in shallow bedrock and soft soil conditions. Although the system can be assembled with basic tools, AP Alternatives is happy to provide a complete turnkey solution that that reduces costs and hassle.
Booth #4542.

APsystems’ true three-phase microinverter

APsystems microinverterA 500-kW, three-phase commercial system — with microinverters. Believe it: The YC1000 true three-phase microinverter from APsystems (formerly APS) is purpose designed and built for demanding, large-scale commercial applications like Fort Washington Country Club in Fresno, Calif. The YC1000 is the powerhouse of Fort Washington’s ambitious new 529 kW carport array — just 429 APsystems microinverters serving more than 1,700 high-output modules. Installations like this demand the power and innovation of APsystems microinverters, now available from more than 30 distributors across North America. YC1000 microinverters include: True three-phase output; 1:4 microinverter-to-module ratio; 208-V and 277-/408-V configurations; up to 11 microinverters per circuit; and ZigBee/powerline communication.
Booth #4327.


ATI launches new Third-Generation Tracker

ATI DuraTrack-HZDeveloped for highly efficient PV power plants, Array Technologies’ (ATI)DuraTrack HZ v3 features significant innovations in tracker technology. The recently launched third-generation tracker has a redesigned drivetrain that incorporates two-stage gearing and lightweight telescoping drivelines that have articulating joints for site flexibility. The DuraTrack HZ v3 minimizes driveline and module gaps to maximize array density, site utilization and production output, while requiring half of the motors and controllers per megawatt compared to the previous model. Octagonal torque tubes enable the installation of up to 80 modules per row. To speed module installation, ATI has developed a single-fastener per module clamp with integrated grounding. The drivetrain has sealed gearboxes that are maintenance free for the tracker’s 30-year design life. A passive wind mitigation feature protects against storm survival risks and the maintenance requirements associated with active stow components.
Booth #4905.


DC Solar’s flexible Modu-Rack I

DC Solar Modurack mountingThe all-new Modu-Rack I is designed to overcome many of the most common installation challenges related to site conditions with an innovative modular footing and anchoring system. Now, rather than purchasing separate units for beam driven, ballasted, helical piles or other anchors, the same unit can be stocked and installed with an adaptable base system to choose the exact right anchor for any portion of an installation site. With Modu-Rack I, you can adapt to slope, soil composition and other terrain issues without the costly expense of grading, heavy construction equipment, tedious upkeep, and more. As well, the Modu-Rack I is designed as a continuous table, connecting arrays as part of a continuous system to accommodate various stringing needs, thus expanding the configuration possibilities for any given site. www.dcsolarsolutionsmfg.com.
Booth #5510.


DPW Solar’s Integrated grounding AMP Clamp

DPW Solar mountingThe new AMP Clamp by DPW Solar is an integrated grounding mid clamp that eliminates the need for additional module grounding hardware. The underside of the AMP Clamp features multiple protrusions designed to break the anodized coating of the module frame. The unique pattern of wide teeth provides increased contact with the module frame. Third party tested and certified to UL requirements, the AMP Clamp also features the patented RAD hardware for a lock-in-place twist bolt installation. AMP Clamp’s simplicity adds value by reducing parts, time and labor. The AMP Clamp is DPW Solar’s latest addition to the popular Power Rail family of residential and commercial solar racking systems.
Booth #4746.

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