SimpliPhi nearly doubles energy storage deployments in 2016

Solar+storage installations only look to increase over the next decade, but SimpliPhi Power is wasting no time in making its mark on the segment. The company has nearly doubled its energy storage deployments from 5 MW in mid-2015 to 9 MW at the end of 2016, and increased its revenue by over 100 percent, making it the company’s most successful year to date.

“Beyond SimpliPhi’s core value proposition, optimizing any generation source and extending access into the night and beyond the limits of the grid, our energy storage solutions continue to gain significant traction because they solve problems that directly impact the bottom line and accelerate the ROI for businesses, governments, utility, military, humanitarian and emergency response markets,” said SimpliPhi CEO Catherine Von Burg.

Simpliphi storageSimpliPhi’s track record

Despite the solar+storage category’s newness, SimpliPhi has a track record of energy storage success. For example, the U.S. Department of Defense reported that in the six years the DoD has been utilizing SimpliPhi batteries in its expeditionary units worldwide, the agency has experienced zero failures related to the batteries. With the company’s continued expansion in manufacturing and operations, it has also achieved a 30 percent reduction in pricing for its award-winning energy storage solutions over the past two years and obtained UL certification for its PHI 3.4 kWh 24V and 4.48V batteries in 2016.

“The potential global market for energy storage is vast, and with deployments in the field since 2002, we offer a proven track-record of robust, reliable and enduring energy storage solutions beyond specification sheets that support an ever-growing network of installers and sales channels,” Von Burg notes.

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Integrated storage solutions

Much of SimpliPhi’s success in 2016 came from the company’s ability to offer energy storage solutions with integrated battery management systems that function with all industry-standard inverter charge controllers with a standard 10-year warranty that does not require a dedicated internet connection to maintain. Such characteristics make the SimpliPhi line of batteries ideal for residential, commercial, military and entertainment applications, as well as an ideal ‘drop-in’ replacement for existing lead acid battery banks.

In addition, R&D and product development at SimpliPhi continues to grow at a rapid pace. The recently introduced plug & play AccESS unit is currently being installed in California, Hawaii and other states. On the commercial side, the high voltage PHI 256 kWh 480 VDC battery building blocks, introduced last July, are gaining traction for their robust performance profile, ease of installation and scalability. The high voltage PHI batteries offer the same level of safety, non-toxicity, broad operating temperature, efficiency rate and cycle life of the 24 and 48 volt PHI batteries, without the need for cooling or external temperature control. A common feature for all SimpliPhi batteries, this eliminates additional costs associated with ancillary equipment and use of energy to cool and monitor the batteries.

With mobile, grid-tied and off-grid applications in the field for more than 15 years, SimpliPhi batteries feature industry-leading specifications, including a charge/discharge efficiency rate of 98 percent, outdoor temperature rating of 140 degrees F, 10,000 cycle life and 100 percent depth of discharge.

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