Seraphim Solar launches new Eclipse PV module

Seraphim Solar USA Manufacturing, Inc. is introducing its newest high-efficiency module, the Eclipse, to the global market. The product will be launched at PV Expo in Japan and upcoming exhibitions, including Ecobuild UK.

Seraphim PV moduleThe Eclipse series, high-efficiency solar modules employ an innovative design and a unique production method. The Eclipse Mono (size is similar to a normal 60-cell module) achieves 310-W output power and 19.1 percent solar energy conversion efficiency. The Eclipse Poly (size is similar to a normal 60-cell module) achieves 290-W output power and 17.1 percent solar energy conversion efficiency.

The Eclipse utilizes innovative technology to optimize the busbar and module design. With the overall busbar-free design, the active working area of the module is enlarged, so as to convert more electricity from sunlight to the maximum extent possible. The Eclipse generates 50 percent calorific effect compared to traditional modules, which largely reduces hot spot effects and guarantees continuous electricity generation.

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For same size power installations, Seraphim says the Eclipse will save 8 percent floor space, require less labor and BOS cost, and ultimately provide more income to customers.

“This new technology and design work together to increase overall power output. Using normal cells, the Eclipse increases the conversion rate by 0.5 percent to 4 percent,” said Seraphim’s General Manager Polaris Li.

“When we began work on the on this new solar module, we considered every element that defines a perfect solar module – performance, reliability, heat resistance, PID, price and so on. We then challenged ourselves to find the best, the most forward-looking way possible,” said Global Executive General Manager Justin Xi. “Eclipse is radically different from anything before it. As the slogan says – What you want, is all Behind the Eclipse.”

Seraphim has a global capacity of 1.8 GW (1.5GW in Changzhou, China and 300 MW in the U.S.). At present, Seraphim products have been widely applied in 30 countries. Seraphim is dedicated to providing sustainable clean energy solutions for customers with long term high yield environmental impact.

For more information, head to the Seraphim website.

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