SEIA has issues with Illinois’ Next Generation Energy Plan amendment

SEIAIllinois has a lot to figure out about its energy future. Amendment 3 within currently proposed SB 1585, the Next Generation Energy Plan, is an attempt to do that, but the Solar Energy Industries Association has a bunch of issues with it. Here is the group’s statement:

“SEIA has significant concerns with SB 1585 Amendment 3, the Next Generation Energy Plan. Contrary to proponents’ claims, the legislation as written will not increase the use of solar power in Illinois and may even cause it to decline. By contrast, the Illinois Clean Jobs Bill would reduce air pollution, create thousands of good paying jobs and lower electricity costs.

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“SB 1585 continues the long history of instability and uncertainty that has held back Illinois’s solar potential. There are a laundry list of problems with this legislation. They include: delayed funding of the renewable portfolio standard, instability created by irregular auctioning of renewable energy credits, the inclusion of radical changes to rate design by imposing demand charges on all customers, eliminating the benefits of net metering and placing arbitrary limits on community solar. These proposals effect all aspects of the solar industry.

“SEIA continues to advocate for stable, clear policies that help grow the solar industry. The industry employs over 200,000 people across the nation. We encourage the legislature to adopt policies, like those in the Clean Energy Jobs Bill, that will grow a clean energy economy and increase solar jobs in Illinois.”

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