San Diego Cardiac Center Installs 60-kW System

The San Diego Cardiac Center recently installed a 252-panel, 60-kW commercial solar system that was designed and installed by Stellar Solar. Stellar Solar was selected based on its track record of installing large-scale commercial installations in San Diego including its recently completed 500-kW Salk Institute project.

“As a leading cardiac center in San Diego, we saw this as an important opportunity to also demonstrate our environmental leadership and save a significant amount of money,” said Dr. Ron Miller, MD., of the San Diego Cardiac Center. “This was as much of a financial decision as it was an environmental one; we found we could produce our own solar electricity onsite for a cost that was about 70 percent lower than what SDG&E charges us. That said, we are very pleased to be contributing to cleaner air in San Diego and a healthier population.”

Stellar Solar Vice President of Sales and Marketing Michael Powers said his firm considers it an honor to be selected to work on an a facility like San Diego Cardiac Center with such a cutting edge reputation. “Any
time we get to work with a leader in their field it makes the project even more significant because these doctors are leaders who exert significant influence in the community.”

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