RGS Energy to Exit Large Commercial Business, Focus Only on Residential Solar

RGS EnergyRGS Energy, a nationwide provider of turnkey solar energy solutions for residential and commercial customers, announced today its strategy to focus on its core residential solar engineering, procurement and construction business. To provide greater financial resources for its Residential and Sunetric business segments, the company decided today to exit its legacy, large commercial business segment. The company will present the results of its commercial business segment as discontinued operations in its report on Form 10-Q for the quarter ended September 30, 2014 and for prior periods.

Dennis Lacey, RGS’ CEO, stated: “As we believe our best opportunity for improved future financial performance rests with our Residential and Sunetric business segments, we have made the strategic decision to exit the large commercial business segment. This decision will have a positive impact upon our future cash from operations as well as improving the company’s profit margin. We are taking actions to monetize the value of this business segment. We will complete our existing large commercial construction contracts in progress in the ordinary course of business in the coming months. Although we will no longer be pursuing large solar commercial projects, we will continue in our Residential and Sunetric business segments to operate in the small commercial solar customer segment, generally under 200 kW in size. For instance, oftentimes our residential solar customers own a small business and we also provide solar solutions for their business facilities. We believe the small commercial segment is an opportunity for future profitable growth.”

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