RENewed Wind and Solar launches, an online marketplace for refurbished wind, solar equipment

Renewed wind and solar

Renewable energy entrepreneur David Blittersdorf has launched a new venture — an online marketplace for refurbished wind and solar equipment. RENewed Wind and Solar’s website, offers bargain prices on an array of high quality pre-owned, refurbished, and never-before-used wind and solar equipment. From recalibrated anemometers to second-life solar panels, RENewed Wind and Solar provides customers with an eco-conscious shopping experience by reusing underutilized renewable assets.

RENewed Wind and Solar marks a new direction for David Blittersdorf, who has been an innovative leader in the renewable energy sector for decades.

“My companies have earned national recognition by leveraging our more than 35 years of industry experience and constantly innovating our products, our thinking, and our goals,” Blittersdorf said. “Along the way, we have acquired a bunch of wind and solar equipment that is still in great shape, but isn’t being actively used to help our planet or reduce carbon emissions. We don’t think this kind of quality equipment should sit in a warehouse — or worse, go to a landfill. Instead, we want these resources in the hands of people who can put them to good use as soon as possible.”


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